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Name: Sarah
Exalted Type: Solar (She appears mortal)
Caste: Night


Apparent Age: Early twenties
Height: Relatively tall
Weight: Lithe
Eye Color: Dark
Hair Color: Dark
Skin Tone: Fair
Native Origin: Nexus?

Sarah has dark hair, often tied to a high ponytail, and similarly dark eyes. She is somewhat taller than average for a woman in her twenties, and tends to maintain a pleasant disposition.

It is obvious if someone observes her that she is an athlete, likely some kind of gymnast; her body is toned but seems flexible, and she tends to prefer tight fitting attires that do not feature loose articles, perhaps by habit.

The overwhelming majority of time, Sarah can be found somewhere high up: Sitting on the edge of rooftops, lying on low branches, and so on.

Public Knowledge

Sarah is a very well-connected mortal. (Only four people know that she is an Exalt so far.)

She has a small, two-story house that she calls "the Web", for some reason, although that reason becomes apparent to visitors that get to the second floor.

Public Backgrounds

Most people point to her when someone asks a question that needs to be answered.

Those with Peacekeeper connections may know of her (PM for details).


If she has any projects, no one seems to be privy to them.

Associates / Allies / Friends

Given Sarah's commonly cryptic behavior, although she seems to know a lot of people and there are people she spends more time with, it is difficult to categorize where each relationship stands.

However, the amount of people she knows by now has grown a lot, so it's anyone's guess who is closer to her than others.


"...subtle." - Sarah

"What is there to trust if your instincts fail you? Your mind may be muddled, your senses dampened, your heart confused, but your instincts never fail you. It's the only way to trust yourself when surrounded by the Exalted." - Sarah

"That's how I see everyone. Whether they're human, Exalt, animal or something more alien, whether they're farmers, merchants or nobility, whether they walk in the light or stalk in the night, ultimately, it's a person's deeds that define them, not their origins." - Sarah

"She is the night; a quiet, graceful, beautiful creature cloaked in the darkness, allowing only tiny dots of light to be seen. And although each of those lights is brilliant enough to be a distant sun alone, allowing you to see in the night, she only sheds those dots, and reaching her is just as difficult as trying to touch the stars." - Tempest

"She's nice. She's interesting. She's got secrets. Most importantly she's powerful. Take your pick." - Loving Unity

"My suggestion would be to go speak to Sarah. If there is a problem you need help with, she either knows who you should speak to, can find the person you need to speak to, or she knows the answer herself. She's interesting in that way." - Min Ling

"...very subtle." - Tepet Mifune

"A pleasant, interesting woman with an at times baffling humor. Very helpful. Seems to enjoy stories." - Amerila

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